What to limit yourself to and what absolutely should not be done during pregnancy

No sooner had you announced to your family and friends about your interesting situation, how were you, in the literal sense of the word, bombarded with advice and signs related to pregnancy? Do not worry, most of the prohibitions and superstitions that cannot be done during pregnancy can be safely discarded.

Another thing is the prohibitions from the field of physiology and medicine: they should not be neglected. Let’s go through the most popular prohibitions and figure out what really can not be done by women in position.

Bad habits

It is not for nothing that smoking, the use of alcoholic beverages, and even more so drugs, were called bad habits. Almost everyone needs to give them up, and especially women who are carrying a child.

  • Smoking. The placenta is unable to protect your baby from cigarette smoke. All toxins and harmful substances penetrate the baby through the circulatory system and negatively affect the development of internal organs;

Delays in the development of the baby, insufficient height and weight, pathology of the pulmonary system – all these are the consequences of smoked cigarettes (about how the baby develops normally. Nicotine can contribute to placental detachment, fetal freezing and can provoke premature birth.

  • Alcohol. Alcohol freely penetrates the baby through the circulatory system. Systematic abuse of ethanol leads to a delay in the growth of the baby, the development of pathologies of hearing and vision, heart and skeletal systems;

Excessive alcohol consumption will be noticeable after the birth of the child, and especially clearly – by the age of two: a small head volume, a flat sloping face and narrow eyes

  • Drugs. A categorical ban on drug use: pathologies of all internal organs, underdevelopment of the skeleton, muscular and skeletal systems, problems with the kidneys, liver and genitourinary system, heart disease … The list is endless. But there is one more nuance: a child born of a drug addict mother is already born with drug addiction.

Smoking, drinking and using drugs is just that categorical list of what should not be done during pregnancy. And this is far from superstition.

Special menu

The development and well-being of the baby directly depends on what you eat. Undoubtedly, your gastronomic tastes have changed a lot, you are more and more drawn to salty, but this salty is often in the taboo zone:

  1. Preservatives and stabilizers. You need to give up preservatives, as they inhibit the synthesis of proteins, which the baby simply cannot do without;
  2. Additives, colorants, flavor enhancers. During pregnancy, you need vitamins and nutrients, not chemical substitutes. The way out is to cook yourself from fresh products .
  3. Smoked products and fatty foods. Your body already undergoes certain loads, fatty and smoked food negatively affects the liver and kidneys, the urinary system, and can provoke gastritis . As for smoked meats, be aware that the “liquid smoke” that manufacturers love so much can cause cancer;
  4. Coffee and black tea. This point is quite controversial. If you are hypotonic and cannot imagine a morning without a cup of aromatic coffee, then you can afford one serving of not strong coffee with cream. But abuse is fraught with dehydration of the body and the removal of calcium from it, which your baby needs so much for growth and development. In addition, strong tea and coffee increase blood pressure;
  1. Carbonated drinks . Avoid drinking soda during pregnancy as it can cause bloating and flatulence. In addition, sugary sodas contain preservatives and sweeteners. May lead to high blood sugar and cause allergies;
  2. Mushrooms . It is better to avoid mushrooms during pregnancy. Since there is a risk of poisoning even with proven mushrooms, and in your position, you should not risk it;
  3. Chocolate. The hormone of happiness in the form of a small piece of chocolate will not harm you, but in large quantities it can cause allergies. 

The main rule of your diet during pregnancy is everything healthy and in moderation. Signs associated with the ratio of tastes and sex of the unborn child remain at the level of superstition, since your preferences depend on the presence of toxicosis and a lack of certain nutrients. 


You must remember that pregnancy is not a disease, but a state of mind. You shouldn’t give up an active life position, but you need to figure out what you can and cannot do for pregnant women:

  • Physical exercise. It is clear that gravity is now a taboo for you, the maximum load is 5 kg. By the way, it is good to sign up for a specialized fitness for pregnant women – it will help prepare for the upcoming birth, strengthen your back and prevent you from gaining extra pounds;
  • Sleep. There is a prohibition on sleeping positions. During pregnancy, you cannot sleep on your back, as the vena cava, which is located under the uterus, can be squeezed;
  • Extreme. An adrenaline rush and an increase in blood pressure are the result of extreme entertainment;
  • Plane. Most often, flights are considered prohibitions, which cannot be done in the early stages of pregnancy. There is a risk of miscarriage due to pressure drops. The last weeks of pregnancy are also not the best time for heavenly travel. 
  • Sex. With the threat of miscarriage or other complications of pregnancy, having sex is contraindicated for you. 

You need to find a middle ground between physical activity and rest: you can do your homework, but dosed. Where possible – use household appliances – load them at full speed. Washing, cleaning, and cooking during your pregnancy is the responsibility of your household helpers.

Folk omens

pregnant and cat

A special graph of prohibitions during pregnancy is folk omens and superstitions. Many of them can be explained, but most are dispelled upon closer examination:

  1. Communication with animals. Cats are potential carriers of toxoplasmosis , it is enough to touch unwashed hands after communicating with a purr to food or mucous membranes in order to become infected with a parasitic disease that is dangerous for the baby. The consequences are defects in the development of the child, which is why there is a sign that pregnant women should not pet cats;
  2. Raising your hands up. You may hear signs about raising your arms up during pregnancy. The fact is that you raise your hands when you stretch somewhere or hang curtains, for example. There is a risk of falling if you feel dizzy. That is why it is believed that pregnant women should not raise their hands up;
  3. Sitting cross legged . You may have heard amazing omens why pregnant women should not sit cross-legged. One of them – the baby will be born with crooked legs. It is clear that the way the mother sits on the structure of the child’s legs does not in any way affect the swelling of your legs and the condition of the veins on them;
  4. Pregnant women cannot be denied. Surely you notice that your mood, like desires, change faster than you have time to voice it. It’s all to blame for the hormonal revolution in your body and fears about childbirth and upcoming motherhood. And when you get upset, your baby does not feel well. Share this information with your family and friends so that they are more attentive to you;
  5. You can’t go to a funeral. Many signs for pregnant women indicating what not to do are associated with negative emotions. So, it is undesirable for you to go to the funeral, since you, naturally, will be upset, and the baby is sensitive to this. There is another explanation: you need to avoid large crowds because of the risk of catching an infection;
  6. You cannot sew. The superstitions associated with the topic of sewing during pregnancy are explained by the fear of the umbilical cord entanglement of the baby. But you will not find a direct connection, the length of the umbilical cord is determined genetically, and the entanglement occurs due to the excessive activity of the baby, and it can even occur in those mothers who have not seen the thread with the needle at all;
  7. Superstitions about hairstyles. You may hear omens regarding cutting and dyeing your hair during pregnancy. There is some truth in this prohibition: you do not need to visit a beauty salon during pregnancy, but not through prejudice, but because of the toxicity of the air saturated with the smells of dye and hairspray and the unexpected result of coloring under the influence of hormonal changes. You cannot sunbathe and swim in stagnant bodies of water. You can listen to these signs. UV radiation is dangerous for your baby, and standing water is full of bacteria that your weakened immune system shouldn’t do right now.

The list of prohibitions, will take and superstitions during pregnancy is quite long, but the period of carrying a baby is not so long, you can endure it for the sake of meeting your most beloved and long-awaited baby.

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