What not to wear during pregnancy: here are some tips

Are there any clothes that should be totally avoided during the nine months? Here’s what not to wear while pregnant by following some quick tips.

Despite this, there are several women who cannot give up their clothes , even when they no longer enter.

However, however, to make your pregnancy style always trendy you could be inspired by well-known faces of the show.

In any case, it is good to keep in mind the fact that not everything that was once worn can continue to be used both because the shapes rise and because certain clothes are annoying.

For example, the beloved jeans are not always able to be worn , precisely because due to the fact that the belly rises slowly it is almost impossible to close them.

But are there any clothes that should be completely avoided by favoring others?

What not to wear during pregnancy: here are some tips

The answer to the question is no. If you want, you can wear whatever you want , but there are contraindications.

In the sense that not all clothes are made to make the day of a pregnant woman comfortable and an almost mother, the first thing she wants is comfort, especially when she still has to go to work and face a long day.

To begin with, it is good to start from within.

The bras with underwire or balconette could be a bit annoying , so it would be good to replace them with elasticated tops that are not only comfortable, but are able to contain well the shapes that rise very quickly in pregnancy.

As for the clothes, the greatest care must concern the waist area .

In short, wearing something too tight in that area may not be a great idea and for this reason, in general, we tend to wear large shirts under and tighter on the breast or adjustable pants that can also contain the belly.

Perhaps the most complicated part is represented by the shoes because the feet tend to be swollen more and more during this period and with great probability the shoes of the past can no longer be worn.

Unfortunately, however, on which type of shoe to choose in these nine months, the choice becomes very complicated because they should not be too high or too low and it would be better to avoid wearing boots up to the knee that could compress due to water retention. calves too much.

So better orient yourself on the dear and old sneakers, with these you can’t go wrong!

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