What music is good for pregnancy

Many expectant mothers are concerned about the question, is music useful during pregnancy? What kind of music is needed and how it affects the fetus, now let’s try to tell you.

The benefits of music during pregnancy

Scientists have proven that it is imperative for a woman to listen to music during pregnancy.

  • It affects human emotions and character formation, affects mood and well-being;
  • In many countries, doctors use music therapy to treat patients. This art affects the functioning of internal organs, the heart and blood pressure, breathing and blood circulation, relieves fatigue and invigorates ;
  •  For the development of the future crumbs, this type of art plays an important role.

Scientists have proven that the fetus in the mother’s stomach already from the 8th week hears sounds that affect his emotional world. At the 14th week of pregnancy, the fetus already reacts to the rhythm and volume and lets you know that he doesn’t like something. To cheerful music, the baby in the mother’s tummy is actively moving, and to the sad one calms down.

If a woman, during gestation, often listens to musical works, then she gives her baby pleasure and joy and he can become a more developed and creative person.

However, not all music during pregnancy is good for the fetus. During this period, only calm melodies that are relaxing are suitable. She for expectant mothers should cheer up, improve sleep and positively affect the condition of the fetus.

Interesting! Babies in the womb in the last stage of pregnancy already know where the sound is coming from. They turn their heads in the direction from which it sounds.

The influence of music on the fetus

According to many experiments, it has been proven that this art form affects many systems of the unborn child. When a pregnant woman listens to melodies, the fetus changes:

  1. Breathing rhythm;
  2. Intestinal motility;
  3. Muscle tone.

Music stimulates the development of the child’s brain, mental abilities are laid. Endorphins are being stimulated, which in the future will contribute to a good mood, relieve pain and fight infections.

The sooner the baby in the mother’s tummy hears the song, the sooner he will begin to speak. Such children have well-developed intuition and creativity.

Psychologists have proven that music:

  • affects the intelligence of the child;
  • develops hearing, a sense of rhythm and memory;
  • promotes the formation of areas of the brain responsible for speech and thinking.

A loud baby melody is frightening and can lead to hearing impairment. Metal, rock and a lot of aggressive music are not suitable for a woman in position.

However, loud music during pregnancy is not dangerous. This sound must pass through the tissues and amniotic fluid, which will be reflected in its intensity. In this situation, the fetus will show its displeasure and begin to push hard.

The main thing is for a woman to always be calm, since the fetus first of all reacts to the emotions of the mother, and then to the loud sound. When mommy is calm with loud music, then the baby perceives her calmly.

Classical music during pregnancy

During the period of gestation, the classics are very useful.

  1. Classical music during pregnancy helps relieve fatigue and stress;
  2. Helps mom and baby to relax;
  3. The classics have a great effect on the course of pregnancy and on the future development of the baby, improves sleep and overall well-being of the pregnant woman;
  4. She also cheers up and fights depression during pregnancy.

Not all works of great composers are suitable for pregnant women. Many works have a stimulating effect on the fetus. The ideal variant is the works of Mozart and Vivaldi, Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

By the way! It has been proven that the works of Mozart affect the development of the intellect of the unborn child and increase his IQ by nine units.

There are a lot of classical works and a future mother can choose for herself the one that she likes. You can make a selection of the best works and enjoy them. The main thing is that the composition is enjoyable and evokes positive emotions.

What works are useful for a pregnant woman

What music to listen to during pregnancy? In the first place, of course, are the classical works of great composers. However, besides the classics, it will be useful to listen to:

  • sounds of nature;
  • how the flute plays;
  • religious chants;
  • motives of different nationalities;
  • folklore;
  • lullabies;
  • sing yourself;
  • old motives in the baroque style.

Different music is helpful in different trimesters of pregnancy. In recent months, a too fast and loud melody causes a reaction in the child and he begins to move and push in his tummy. If there is a threat of miscarriage, then such music can even harm.
In the first months of pregnancy, beautiful and calm works are suitable, from which the baby and mom will feel comfortable. A walk in the park or through the forest, listening to the birdsong and the sound of the water, will be the best relaxation and will ensure the comfort of the pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

How best to listen to music

  1. You can listen to music from 10 minutes to half an hour per day, long listening can cause irritation;
  2. You can change the style every day. A cheerful melody will invigorate in the morning, right after sleep, and listen to a more calm, relaxing one at night;
  3. The ideal option would be the songs that the mother sings for the baby;
  4. You should not put headphones on your stomach and turn on the music too loudly, thinking that the baby does not hear;
  5. A woman in a position can move a little to her favorite melody.

Listening to music while pregnant is very beneficial. It affects the condition of the pregnant woman, helps to calmly bear the baby. This art is a wonderful way to endure a healthy toddler.

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