Tips for keeping a pregnancy secret in the first few months

You are pregnant for a few weeks or months, but for now you have decided to keep it to yourself. Either out of superstition or because it is your will, you don’t have to let everyone participate in this news. We must be ready to tell it. Until then, here are some tips for hiding pregnancy.

Pay attention to parties, clothes, meals … these are everyday situations in which if you are not careful, your secret could be discovered!
In the meantime, though, when it’s just the two of you … here’s how you can pamper your baby on the way inside your belly.

In order to get out of any situation of embarrassment, we have identified six of the riskiest situations in which pregnancy could be discovered, when you still don’t want anyone to know. First of all … how good you are to keep secret? Secondly, here are some tips for getting out of a mess !

1. The clothing

At the beginning of pregnancy you have to face a series of changes to which you are accustomed, such as: l ‘ breast augmentation ! Something that can be susceptible to many looks … And of course the incipient belly will be noticed especially from the third month.

Excuse 1: “Now I ‘m wearing pushup bras, you don’t see the effect they have!

Excuse 2: If you don’t want to admit that you now eat like a wolf and that your belly will grow noticeably, even if it won’t be fully visible until the third month, you can hide it with clothes that are looser than you are used to. For example: allude to the latest trends , such as oversized garments or the boyfriend line .

2. What do you do if you are offered alcohol?

A classic among the classics. It is clear that when you turn down a beer or a wine (on more than one occasion, during your last meetings at work or with friends) the next question they will ask is: “Ah, since when have you not been drinking alcohol? Are you pregnant?” Well, here are 5 tips to help you answer these tricky questions.

  • “I’m on a diet, and you know how much alcohol must be eliminated!”
  • Reply that you find yourself taking antibiotics for a specific pain , for example, an earache, a headache or a back pain. If you choose to have back pain, don’t even think about dancing all night.
  • “Yesterday I overdid it and I have a hangover .”
  • If you’ve been invited to a party at a friend’s house, the best excuse is to take the car and say that because you have to drive, you can’t drink .
  • “I made a bet with a friend that I could be alcohol-free for a month and if I win, he’ll give me a weekend in London! It’s worth holding on for a little longer.” A classic.

The most effective thing can be to accept a drink and pretend to drink : it will seem that you are drinking, but in the end you will stay up all night with the same glass in hand. You can leave it somewhere at the party and pick up another one of your choice.

3. You planned to go to the amusement park

It’s one of the funniest plans you’ve wanted to make with your friends in a long time, but no! Unfortunately, the attractions are not suitable for pregnant women. So it’s time to find excuses not to go, what to say?

The best excuse if you don’t want to miss the tour and accompany your friends on this fun day is to invent that lunch or breakfast made you feel bad and you have a super tummy. You can’t get on any carousel because you don’t know what might happen to your stomach.

4. And for dinner, sushi!

Everyone knows you love sushi, but, horror! When you are pregnant, one of the forbidden food is raw fish. You know that if the fish has been previously frozen, nothing should happen, but you don’t want to risk it …

Sorry: I ‘m so full of food and I don’t want to eat sushi because I wouldn’t enjoy it just the way I like it, I’d rather skip dinner today!

5. Heeled shoes vs flat shoes

If there is one thing you love more in this life than wearing heels . They give you confidence and you feel much more powerful with them, but mistake! When you are pregnant, this is one of the first prohibitions. Such a drastic change will surprise more than some … but don’t worry, we have the perfect excuse.

Sorry: yesterday afternoon I went for a walk and since I hadn’t been in sports for a long time my legs failed me this morning, impossible to put on heels! I will have to wear comfortable shoes for a few days because the laces are killing me. Resolved!

6. Coffee time!

You know you got pregnant a few weeks ago, but that’s enough to make you realize that there won’t be any more coffee in your life for a while. How do you hide it for the first few months?

Sorry: I have trouble sleeping and have had to cut down on my coffee consumption . For now, I’ve given up on it for a while, to see if I have any benefits when it’s time to rest. Brilliant!

All ready to withstand all the pressures and deceptive questions from family, friends and co-workers – you are ready to hide your pregnancy, if you wish, for the first few months!

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