Sleepiness in pregnancy: does it appear if the baby is a boy or a girl?

With pregnancy, the expectant mother often feels drowsy. This urgent need for sleep is one of the symptoms of early gestation. The woman feels tired, not so much on a physical level, but above all as a need for sleep. And it’s not at all related to the sex of the unborn child!

Many women experience sleepiness during pregnancy. According to popular belief, this sleepiness and many other factors can help the couple to know the sex of the unborn child in the first few months. It’s all about beliefs and little games to fool the wait and the excitement! 

Sleepiness in pregnancy: why it is frequent before childbirth and how much curiosity about the sex of children affects during pregnancy

According to doctors, this need for sleep felt by the mother especially in the first trimester of pregnancy is already one of the symptoms of the increased level of progesterone.
This is because the steroid hormone rises quickly in early pregnancy: among the triggers of sleepiness it is the most considered. If you are recently pregnant, when you suddenly feel so drowsy, indulge this need: do not deprive yourself of sleep, first of all because the night rest of pregnant women is not always the best, as the body suffers the consequences of hormonal changes, increasing so does daytime sleepiness. The physique of pregnant women changes more or less quickly and disturbs their sleep . That strange urge to daily naps in the first trimester of pregnancy is one of the symptoms of pregnancy; it has physiological causes, because in addition to the increase in progesterone (produced in the cycle by the adrenal glands and the corpus luteum and in pregnancy also by the placenta), there is also an involvement of the thyroid gland. The expectant mother can often not get a good night’s rest, and this leads to fatigue and sleepiness during the day. The relaxing REM (Rapid Eyes Movements) phase is reduced and sleep less deep Sleepiness in pregnancy is also due to the fatigue of the heart that works harder, to the increase in vasodilation, to the pressure drop, to the consequent reduction of glucose in the blood. If the pregnant woman has iron deficiencies, may feel more need for daily naps.

Photo of sleeping young woman lies in bed with eyes closed.

Sleepiness in male or female pregnancy: strange symptoms from the first weeks and everything you need to know while waiting for the birth

Here is the first pregnancy symptomatology that affects the woman during the months of waiting: swollen and painful breasts, very sensitive smell, nausea, frequent need to urinate , due to the pressure of the uterus on the bladder, daily and sudden sleepiness. Drowsiness starts in the first two weeks; it can last until the last quarter. Even if this continuous sleep afflicts you, do not take drugs, to regain strength and decrease sleepiness , neither tea, nor coffee (only herbal teas) do not fight this need with physical and mental efforts. Take a few short daytime naps, as it could otherwise create sleeplessness at night. Drink a lot in the morning, not in the evening, so that the urge to urinate doesn’t cause you to wake up at night.Don’t give in to anxieties and stress; your state needs peace of mind until delivery.
Green light therefore to frequent “naps”, the sleepers so loved by British mothers!
Sleep helps both mothers and children and even if it cannot reveal anything about the sex of the fetus it helps us to get in touch with the body: and if the mother and the baby relax from the first weeks, it will be easier during pregnancy. keep this balance.
Many women also help themselves with yoga and specific relaxation exercises: yoga is very good both for relaxing the mind and muscle fibers and in addition it helps mothers to train with breathing by simplifying the management of childbirth.

Sleepiness in Male or Female Pregnancy: From the Need for Sleep to Popular Beliefs

Among the many legends about pregnancy, one claims that severe drowsiness is a symptom of an unborn male , a theory disproved by many women who claim to have spent the first few months almost in a lethargic state, yet they then gave birth to girls. Many others claim to have suffered from insomnia and hyperactivity and have had a boy. This belief is not reliable, because many women experience the same symptoms regardless of the sex of the unborn child. The link between sleepiness and the sex of the unborn child is not significant, as are the other “tests” to know whether it will be a boy or a girl.In short, sleepiness, due to the mother’s hormonal change and other clinical factors, is independent of the child’s sex . Often parents, anxious to know the sex of the unborn child (especially mothers, excited, unprepared for the arrival of this news), give in to undergo strange rituals typical of popular beliefs, which should incredibly predict whether it will be male or female. One of these somewhat absurd, amusing tests, for some even exciting, albeit without scientific reliability, claims to guess the sex of the child.with a pendulum. You pass a dad’s hair or a cotton thread through the mum’s wedding ring, hanging it on her belly. If the ring moves in a circular way, it is a female, if it rocks back and forth it is a male .

Sleepiness in pregnancy. Male or female? When tradition wants to win over science and you rely on tests to be done at home before “real” analyzes

Another popular belief deduces the sex of the unborn child from the shape of the mother’s belly; if it is low toe it is a boy, if it is taller and wider on the abdomen, it is a girl. Obviously a gynecologist would explain the reason for this difference by talking about different abdominal muscle tone, position of the fetus, body shape and weight of the mother. But many women, especially grandmothers, do not want to hear reasons and advise new mothers to follow these beliefs, a little by tradition, a little by superstition. There are those who try the scissors and the knife: they take two chairs under the pillow of one they put a pair of scissors, under the other a knife. If the mother, invited to sit down, sits on the chair with the scissors, she is expecting a girl, if she chooses the one with the knife she will have a boy. Some believe that the sex of the child can be inferred from astrology and the Chinese lunar calendar, by matching the mother’s age and month of conception. Or mixing the mother’s urine with a little bit of drainage agent: if they turn green, according to a bizarre belief, the unborn child is male, even if scientifically there is no change in the pH.urine dependent on the sex of the unborn child. Mixing popular rumors and scientific techniques, some argue that if the fetus’s heart beats at more than 140 beats it is a female, although in reality up to seven and a half months of pregnancy both hearts beat faster than normal.
Male or female, a pregnancy is always a wonderful emotion! Soon you will see your baby and you can hold him in your arms, what does it matter if you say he is “my daughter” or “my son”?

Naps in pregnancy: a normal phenomenon which, however, does not allow us to already understand if it is male or female!

The difference between males and females it does not occur until a little before the birth. According to some researchers, future mothers with fairly serious manifestations of nausea, suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, have a better chance of giving birth to a female, as the triggering factor of the disease would be the high level of chorionic gonadotropin, of the hormone hCG (chorionic gonadotropin ), which tends to rise with a female fetus. But, as you now know, it is difficult not to suffer from nausea in pregnancy, even if the fetus is a boy, and therefore even this theory is not safe. But is the sex of the child you carry in your belly for nine months really that important? Perhaps it is wrong to have thoughts like this, when the most important feeling to feel should be the joy of becoming a mother and father (regardless of gender) andcertainty that there are no risks of abortion or for the health of the child. Perhaps more than knowing the sex of the unborn child, this is what the ultrasound should be forand other more in-depth examinations. The curiosity of an expecting mother is completely normal but it should never be a priority: there are many very important things about the sex of children … but it is also true that many want to take the opportunity to dedicate themselves to preparations, from the color of the bedroom to the layette for the newborn. Of course, the choice of name is also included in the list of reasons why geniuses want to know if they will have a boy or a girl, in fact a double list of chosen names, male and female, is usually prepared. It seems that in 2021 the most coveted names for him and her are Federico, if it is male and Mia if it is a female!

Even the moment in which the gender is revealed to friends and relatives has become a real small event: there are more and more couples, especially amongcelebs who organize real gender reveal with specialists in the revelation of the gender of children and real performances that dye the sky pink or blue or fill a room with colored balloons, revealing if it is male or female to those present in a spectacular way. The Gender reveal is one of the most anticipated moments during pregnancy: this is normal because the nine months of waiting are always full of doubts, uncertainties and some worries. Knowing the baby’s gender often cheers couples up, allows for quick plans and somehow makes the baby’s arrival seem more real for impatient parents.

Sleepiness in pregnancy: expectant mother’s sleep disturbances, insomnia and doubts about the sex of the baby week after week

Young pregnant woman holds her hands on her swollen belly. Love concept. Love and maternity concept.

Almost 50% of women have sleep problems and even insomnia during pregnancy, due to the size of the abdomen, the hormonal change, the anxiety of being pregnant and the fear of childbirth. There are many factors that lead to insomnia in pregnant women: nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, increased body temperature, frequent urination, leg cramps, back pain. The most common sleep disorders in pregnancy are: apnea obstructive sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux. Many women snore during pregnancy, which can cause high blood pressure, due to the increased weight and nasal congestion. A good night’s sleep is necessary for mum and baby. Sleepless nights have negative repercussions on memory, appetite , mood, and lead to tiredness and sleepiness. Pregnant women who sleep little or too much can develop hypertension; very little sleep can lead to the risk of preeclampsia with premature birth, cesarean delivery, depression and damage to the mother’s heart and kidneys, sleep problems and crying in newborn babies. Sleeping on your back will also give you back pain and put pressure on your intestines, causing constipation . Sleeping on the left the blood will flow better into the placenta and the kidneys will eliminate waste better, resulting in less swellinghands and feet. Pregnancy is always a different adventure for every mom, so don’t be surprised if a mom tells you “my pregnancy was different!” every time the body reacts differently and the sensations as well as the difficulties that a woman experiences week after week change!

Male or female: instrumental examinations during pregnancy in the first weeks and also in the following weeks

Today, an ultrasound scan is usually enough to know the sex of a baby When tests such as amniocentesis or CVS are needed, you can tell if it is male or female by analyzing DNA. The first instrumental examination is always the painless, non-invasive ultrasound, with which a digital image of the fetus is obtained thanks to the use of high-frequency sound waves.
This technique does not represent any risk for either the fetus or the mother. The sex of the unborn child is seen only beyond the eighteenth week of pregnancy, when the differences in the genital organs become evident. In the following period this factor can be determined with a certainty of 80-90%, always if the position of the fetus does not prevent the vision of the genitals. For absolute certainty, there is a DNA examination, with sampling and analysis of some amniotic fluid, taken with amniocentesis or with a sample of chorionic villi taken from the belly or cervix. But both this procedure and the other are invasive methods, which can carry the risk of miscarriage. The sex of the unborn child is decided at the moment in which it is conceived; it depends only on the randomness of the encounter between the egg with the female chromosome X and the spermatozoon, which can contain both the XM and the Y. In the first case a male would be born, in the second a female. According to some, there is a relationship between the hunger of the pregnant mother and the sex of the baby. Baby boys would give their mom a greater appetite. If the unborn child is male, the mother consumes 10% calories and 8% more protein and needs more fat and sugar. If some symptoms could be any causes of the hormonal storm, others such as the size of the breasts, the cravings for sweets or salty food, the position taken while sleeping and many others are really unreliable, almost to laugh about it. For example, scholars have not even looked for a correlation between the position of the mother during sleep and the sex of the unborn child, as it is decidedly non-existent. If anything, they recommend that future mothers never sleep on their backs, but on their sides. Sleeping on your back may require premature birth or cause a lethal risk to the baby. They also suggest todo not sleep on the right side, but on the left, to improve blood circulation and nutrient supply to the fetus .

Whether a boy or a girl is coming, “golden” naps at all!

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