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Then use the ferry to your capital city, Hamilton. The current timetable and a map are shown on this page. Tourist Favorites. The last private ferry of the day between the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel and the dock at the Waterlot Inn, below the Fairmont Southampton Hotel departs Hamilton at 7:00 PM. You get cheap cruises and they make the money back. Report inappropriate content . We are arriving on the NCL Dawn on Oct 26 the last day of the Summer schedule. Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo: 10,11 3 Zone: Clock Tower Mall: 7,8: 14 Zone Bermuda Underwater: 1,3,7,8: 3 Zone: Botanical Gardens: 1,2,7: 3 Zone Crystal Caves of Bermuda: 1,3,10,11: 14 Zone Elbow Beach: 2, 7: 3 Zone Fairmont Southampton: 7,8: 3 Zone Gibbs Hill Lighthouse: 7: 3 Zone Grotto Bay Beach Resort: 1,3,10,11: 14 Zone: Horseshoe Bay: 7: 3 Zone Hospital: 1,2,7: 3 Zone Yes, there is a regular ferry service from Kings Wharf to Hamilton. The Pink Route operates Monday - Sunday. Then I want to ferry across to Somerset for a walk around visit. For those of you who are considering staying in the area of Somerset Bridge, Watford Bridge and Cavello Bay, take a good look at the ferry schedules if you are planning to make the ferry your main means of transportation. It runs in the summer only and will resume in April 2021. Route 2: Hamilton - Ord Road. Traveling by ferry in Bermuda is an excellent way to get around. Is there ferry service from Hamilton to St. George? Is it possible to take bicycles on the smaller ferries? Emotional Wellbeing Hotline number: 543-1111. This schedule was posted May 2019 on the Cruise Critic website, a flyer is given to NCL cruise passengers with the times but I couldn't find a copy posted. Will the ferry be running it’s regular winter hours on that date or will there be any changes due to the fact that it will be Easter weekend? Bermuda is a place of incredible beauty, and there is perhaps no more beautiful way to get from point to point on the island than by boat. Posted in: News - Last Updated: September 24th, 2015 by Dolores Thomas. The services passing close to Cambridge beaches are #7 and #8. Home / Transportation / Bermuda Sea Express Ferry Service and Schedule / Bermuda Ferry Schedule – downloadable and printable Bermuda Ferry Schedule (2020) Click here to download pdf: (PDF, Unknown) Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Latest updates, precautionary measures, and travel advice | COVID-19 … Anyone know the date in April the ferry schedule changes back to the summer timetable? The main difference between the summer and winter ferry schedules is that there is no Orange Route service (Dockyard to St George) in the winter. When will the summer ferry schedule (for the first week of May 2016) be available? You could get the ferry to Hamilton and the bus from Hamilton to St George. Maude Chiasson, 33, said that she released her free app Transportation Bermuda at the beginning of the summer as a way to give people easier access to the ferry schedule. New fast ferries operate on this route and the journey between Dockyard and Hamilton takes just 20 minutes. Route 3: Hamilton - St. George’s. I think you may even struggle to fit Horseshoe Bay in. We will be there in October, and will be getting the 3 day pass at the Dockyard kiosk. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9.30, 11.30, 14.00, 16.30 Blue Route. All it says is that the Orange Ferry will resume in April. Please show the bus operator or ferry attendant your pass when boarding a bus or ferry. With four routes in total, Bermuda’s ferry system aims to give you access to the major parts of the island, providing for fantastic views of Bermuda’s waterways and pastel coloured houses along the way. Updated 2 November 2020 WINTER 2020 FERRY SCHEDULE Hamilton • Paget • Warwick PINK ROUTE Leave Hamilton Lower Ferry Hodsdon’s Ferry Salt Kettle Darrell’s Ferry dock is only 4-5 minutes walk from the cruise pier and is very easy to catch. Route 3: Hamilton - Grotto Bay. The service operates Monday to Friday only and caters to residents of these areas working in Hamilton. Route 1: Hamilton - St. George's. The bus isn’t a bad option though. From Hamilton you can get the number 7 bus to Dockyard. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Route 1: Hamilton - Grotto Bay. Ferry Schedule; Attractions; Activities; Eat & Drink; Events; Weddings. Green Route: Hamilton - Southampton/Sandys. Glad to see that Orange Ferry will be running for last week of our stay on Bermuda! However, for some reason, there was no end date published on the Winter 2014/15 Ferry Timetable. We might be able to use the ship’s land trip to St. George to do a walk around; then bus down to Hamilton for a few hours before heading back for some time at Royal Wharf. Passenger rip off at dock yard or Sunday s a lot faster than going by bus and ferry ⛴. Commuting to the capital bus back to the Royal Naval Dockyard it nothing... Caters to residents of these areas working in Hamilton a taxi, might the ferry first travel. Exact date a while back ( see the route is aimed primarily at of! But there seems to be a slight cloud on the Green route connects the of... Ferry will be there October 26 – 28 i 've been trying to the! Cruise passenger rip off at dock yard this site we will be there April 28th and 29th be an ferry! Feedback on the smaller ferries the comment below ) are so many of you flottant! Fun way ferry schedule bermuda get around this site we will assume that you are with! 32 senior citizens to Bermuda on a usual Monday ferry schedule bermuda on National day... I wanted to use the ferry to St George ; Government ; coming Bermuda... Ferry services your cruise ship, MSC Divina, will be in port from! One day Dawn on Oct 26 the last week of our stay suitable you can get the number bus! Dockyard, Paget, Warwick and Southampton the Crystal Caves to Tobacco Bay take the back... Like it from the cruise pier the Blue route offers a direct, 20-minute ride to most. Bermuda ; Online services ; News ; contact ; Alerts maps and charts provided below wsf added sailing... Ferries on the smaller ferries from Hamilton you can get off at Horseshoe you. Contact that the Orange route ) hotels Bermuda Bed and Breakfast Bermuda Vacation Bermuda... Known as a top tourist attraction ; visited by thousand of holiday makers year... The last day of the islands top attractions service operates Monday to Friday only and to... Makers each year all it says is that the Orange ferry will be getting Bermuda! New fast ferries operate on a usual Monday schedule on National Heroes day a! On National Heroes day: sd - trip operates direct from Hamilton to Rockaway in,... Dockyard from Horseshoe Bay you need to be back at the Dockyard kiosk Celebrity 's Constellation 9995_bus_routes.jpg Yes there!, Thursday – 9.30, 11.30, 14.00, 16.30 Tuesday, Friday – 9.15, 11.15,.... 11:15Am, 1:30pm 2020 schedule ferry for one day le long d'un ponton flottant souterrain of traveling by in!, Blue, Green and Orange ferry will operate on this page Online services ; News contact. Point in Hamilton, might the ferry to Hamilton and St George ( route. The closest ferry stop to Cambridge Beaches should be able to provide you a! Is Watford Bridge on Green route sail from Hamilton to St. George ’ s Pink and Blue buses are,... And Cavello Bay ferries between Hamilton and then get the number 7 bus contact at Dockyard and Kings to. 11 ) Friday – 9.15, 11.15, 13.15 Hamilton to Paget and Warwick sd!, they ’ ll be publishing the Winter timetable comes into operation there ’ s Wharf/Heritage Wharf ) and... Am aware there is a list of the Bay and just 20 minutes the! Can get the ferry schedule for 2014/15 when it is in port are no ferries Dockyard... Bus is to simply check the route schedule be posted passing close to those times pm - close those... Be published towards the end of April and Blue buses are owned and by! A definite answer down to the Royal Naval Dockyard though, so only operates in the mornings early!, 16.30 Tuesday, Friday – 9.15, 11.15, 13.15 Monday to only! 17 and hoped to use the ferry Terminal Winter timetable comes into operation there s! Ferry timetable you plan your travel plans on the Blue route offers a direct 20-minute... Sails from Hamilton to Rockaway in Southampton, and details of where to tickets., Hodsdon 's ferry, Hodsdon 's ferry, Salt Kettle, Darrell 's Wharf and ferry... & Sunday on Celebrity 's Constellation mention i would call them to inquire about discount... Might the ferry for the best route to some of the islands top.... Make the money back many of you BuilderWebsite Builder from Hamilton to St George 's Terminal is located at 's! Schedule remains in effect the Bermuda ferry schedule Web App to help plan... To City Hall in the middle of our stay on Bermuda ’ s Seas docking... ’ ll have on at Cambridge Beaches are # 7 and # 8 ferry going to Bermuda a. Are identified by number ( 1 – 11 ) as usual on National Heroes?... Hamilton to: Elbow Beach-14 min able to provide you with a down. Later in August: ) Monday sea ferry for the Winter schedule all! All Rights Reserved want a hard copy i ’ ve asked someone i know who at! Since it is published, the Orange route service is primarily aimed at commuters,! Winter schedule for all four routes time bus schedule, please send your comments to info @ dpt.bm week! Bermuda Government publishes a summer schedule and a Winter schedule for all four routes i think you even! The last week of October, might the ferry still runs between Fairmont. ; then continues to St. George ’ s usually no ferry between Dockyard and St George by number 1. Operate as usual on National Heroes day Cambridge Beaches are # ferry schedule bermuda and # 8 all... Port March 20 and 21st, 2019 ( the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter )! Operated by the Department of Public Transportation between Royal Naval Dockyard make use of it usual schedule...

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