Mixed breastfeeding: how to tell if your baby has drunk enough

Mixed breastfeeding, a frequent choice of new mothers and the right advice to face the delicate phase of breastfeeding with the utmost care and attention.

Have you ever heard of mixed breastfeeding *?

The term mixed breastfeeding means the choice of alternating breastfeeding and bottle feeding in the first months of life. That of ‘ mixed feeding is a popular choice on the part of mothers, for various reasons, such as the delay of the milk supply , or when the amount of breast milk does not seem enough to make the baby grow as they indicate pediatric parameters. Other frequent reasons that lead to prefer mixed breastfeeding are, for example, the work needs of the mother or a twin or multi-twin birth . It is evident that in order to alternate the mother’s breast with the bottle it is necessary to rely on the advice of the pediatrician as well as on high quality products , which you can trust with your eyes closed and brands of great value and experience able to take care of your baby just like you would!

How to make sure there is enough food.

After choosing the right products to support breastfeeding with formula milk, it is important to follow some guidelines for the well-being of the newborn. The first is to administer infant formula at a temperature of about 37 degrees, choose an excellent quality bottle to ensure that the baby is perfectly comfortable during feeding and constantly monitor the amount of infant formula drunk by the baby. in order to verify its growth. All you have to do is observe your little one and his signs that will make you understand if he has eaten enough, if he is respecting the different stages of growth and if he is happy: a sign that the diet chosen is working at its best!

As always, in case of doubts, let your pediatrician or midwife of reference, if you have one, advise you to whom you can refer any question on the subject of mixed breastfeeding!

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