Heels in pregnancy: are they allowed or is it better to avoid for the sake of the baby?

During pregnancy many women completely abandon the use of heels, but how dangerous are they and how long can they become bloody?

On this subject, debates are still open and there are several women who lean towards yes and others for no .

However, fashion even during pregnancy is changing a lot compared to past times and more and more companies tend to produce sensual and stylish clothes to satisfy the tastes of pregnant women.

In short, times have definitely revolutionized compared to before, when future mothers used to wear only and only comfortable and loose clothes.

It also seems that another topic that is very close to the hearts of mothers today is related to whether or not to wear jeans and above all until you can.

Of course, due to their shape, jeans are a bit complicated to dress in the most advanced months of pregnancy, but in any case there are maternity versions that can be right for you.

Heels in pregnancy: allowed or better to avoid them?

Beyond this, however, many women wonder whether or not it is allowed to wear heels during pregnancy .

Obviously there is no universal law, but more than the precautions to be attentive both to one’s own health and to that of the child.

The advice, of course, is to wear heels on special occasions and in which you are aware of not staying too long on your feet especially when the pregnancy is advanced.

In short, the choice is free , but care must be taken both for any falls and because, as is known, legs and feet tend to swell very easily during pregnancy.

Certainly for those women who are used to wearing them daily it can be a hard blow to abandon them for nine long months, but you can find a middle ground .

Certainly when the pregnancy is not yet advanced, the belly is not huge and you are able to walk well, the spiked ones can be used.

On the contrary, however, when you enter the sixth month it would be better to opt for a middle ground and therefore on a heel 4 and not strictly spiked.

Obviously a higher heel can be used, but the advice is to wear it in situations where you are more seated than standing.

In short, mothers do not despair, a small sacrifice can certainly protect yourself and the baby .

How about you mothers until you wore heels when you were pregnant?

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