Fever in pregnancy: how to manage it?

The fever during pregnancy is well regarded and treated, it can be a symptom of a disease, of something that is wrong and our body is trying to fight: for this reason is not simply an antipyretic drug, which simply lower the temperature, but it is necessary to identify what is causing it.

However, an important premise must be made to all this: the increase in progesterone during the sweet wait causes the blood vessels to dilate and, consequently, also the temperature rise. It is therefore advisable to measure the new physiological temperature at the beginning of gestation , so that you can check the possible variations based on that.

So no fear and no unmotivated anxiety, but do not take this state of discomfort lightly and above all do not rely on DIY at home.

Causes of fever

What causes the rise in body temperature often has a viral or bacterial cause , or a stroke of cold or heat. It is precisely these trigger factors that can harm the child and hit him as a result. The doctor can identify the source of the malaise and then prescribe the most suitable treatment.
Another trigger may be an urinary tract infection , physiologically weaker and prone to problems, such as cystitis, precisely because of the state of sweet expectation. Also in this case, the appropriate therapy will be chosen for the prompt resolution of the problem, so that the health of the fetus is not compromised.

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Possible dangers and consequences

It is easier to get sick when expecting a baby, as the immune system is naturally lowered . If the temperature has a slight rise of a few tenths, there is no need to worry, butif the fever during pregnancy exceeds 38 °, be careful . This natural defense of the organism, capable of preserving the health of the woman, activates the immune defenses, which can cause uterine contractions, harmful to the fetus, especially if it is found in the first trimester .
In addition, the viruses or bacteria that cause the rise in temperature can pass through the placenta and reach the fetus, causing various problems.

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First cures for fever in pregnancy

The rules to follow if you find yourself falling ill and having a rise in temperature are the common basic rules, to be followed before a more specific medical intervention or if it has been diagnosed there is no danger for the woman or the fetus:

stay at home and as much as possible at rest
do not cover yourself excessively, to allow air circulation which promotes the drop in temperature
drink plenty of water to hydrate
put a wet cloth in cool water on the forehead and / or on the back of the neck
In case it is necessary to take medicines, paracetamol drugs are usually prescribed.

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