Eating Blueberries During Pregnancy

Your diet during pregnancy should include the necessary nutrients, a sufficient amount of vitamins. This will contribute to the safe development of the baby. Many products, in turn, must be excluded from the diet, as they have high calorie content, low nutritional value, high fat or sugar content, and there is a risk of allergies.

Is it possible to eat blueberries during pregnancy? Let’s talk about this beautiful berry today and talk.

The benefits and harms of blueberries

Blueberries have good nutritional value and at the same time low-calorie.

  • It contains vitamins C, A, E, vitamins of group B. It also has many trace elements, for example, potassium, copper, manganese, copper, iron and zinc.
  • The iron found in blueberries raises hemoglobin and eliminates anemia during pregnancy.
  • Calcium is involved in the formation of a healthy skeletal system of the fetus, protects the teeth, nails and hair of women during pregnancy.
  • Potassium increases vascular flexibility and strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • In addition, blueberries relieve overeating, improve vision, and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Therefore, if you become ill, include it in the diet during pregnancy, as many medicines cannot be used.
  • It must be borne in mind that the benefits of blueberries will bring a woman during pregnancy only if consumed in moderation. If you eat it in unlimited quantities, it can lead to allergies . Therefore, it is better to eat it after eating as a dessert.
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Indications and contraindications

Blueberries are recommended for the treatment and prevention of acute respiratory infections. Vitamin C contained in it has an immunostimulating effect. In addition to this, blueberries bring benefits during pregnancy:

  1. lowers blood sugar;
  2. improves coordination;
  3. strengthens memory;
  4. relieves diarrhea by killing E. coli;
  5. prevents the formation of cholesterol;
  6. reduces the risk of plaque and blood clots;
  7. improves night vision;
  8. protects against constipation, more about constipation during pregnancy
  9. helps better absorption of nutrients.
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There are contraindications

For example, you should not eat blueberries if you are allergic. It is also recommended that you refuse to use blueberries during pregnancy if you suffer from oxalate kidney stones.

It is better not to abuse blueberries if you have found pancreatitis , cholecystitis or urolithiasis.

Blueberry juice should not be drunk if you have impaired biliary motility, as this berry is able to remove stones, and this causes pain and cramping during pregnancy.


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Ways to use

Blueberries are a delicious berry.

It can be eaten both independently and added to cereals, salads, yogurts or kefir. Many make smoothies or juice from mixed fruits with blueberries.

A great solution is to add berries to ice cream or to cheesecakes.

Blueberries can not only be eaten. For example, blueberry juice is an excellent substitute for medicines that cannot be taken during pregnancy.

For sore throats , stir two tablespoons of blueberry juice in a glass of warm water and rinse the throat and tonsils with this mixture. The same tool will help get rid of stomatitis, since blueberry juice is considered a natural antibiotic.

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Precautionary measures

During pregnancy, you should carefully choose blueberries. It is safest to buy blueberries from trusted sellers, or pick your own berries in an ecological region.

Blueberries must be stored in the refrigerator. It is important that she is unwashed.

Before eating berries, they certainly need to be washed. Fresh berries should be stored for no more than three days and during this time it is advisable to eat them.

If a plaque is visible on the berry, do not worry about it. He says that the berry is fresh, it was recently picked. In winter, it is better to eat blueberry jam than to buy fresh blueberries because there are not enough vitamins in it.

For long-term storage of this berry, it can be sprinkled with sugar, boiled jam, frozen or dried.

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