Being a mother life will change: here’s what to expect

What does it mean to become a mother? And how to cope with the first days after giving birth? Every woman lives this experience in a unique and special way, but there are still some common tips that we want to share with you to get you to the fateful moment with some fixed points.

If you are in that moment of your life when you begin to feel the desire to become a mother , you will surely be grappling with a thousand questions, among which the most important is perhaps the one in which you ask yourself if you are ready for the big step . A difficult question, to which there is no logical answer.

Things to do before pregnancy

It is said that a woman becomes a mother from the moment she knows she is expecting a child and there is nothing more true. The care of the baby starts from the belly, if not before.

Ensure a carefree pregnancy with good prevention ; check out these steps to take about 3 months before conception :

  • Make an appointment with your trusted gynecologist . The first step is certainly to discuss with a specialist, who will go and highlight any problems in the reproductive system with an ultrasound and will reconstruct your family anamnesis.
  • Conduct blood tests and the test for rubella . After the visit you will certainly be redirected to take the classic blood tests, plus the rubeo-test. Rubella, if contracted during pregnancy, can be dangerous for the unborn child and therefore it is good to know in advance if it has already been made by the expectant mother. If you do not have the necessary antibodies it is possible to get vaccinated, and only after 3 months from this vaccine can you try to conceive a baby.
  • Get tested for toxoplasmosis . As above, toxoplasmosis is a disease that is best avoided while pregnant and therefore it is best to know the result from the start.
  • Take folic acid , at least in the month preceding conception and throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. The supplement helps a lot to prevent the appearance of spina bifida in the baby.
  • Pay attention to the medications you take.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle : stop smoking first! Also limit alcohol and get some physical activity.

What is motherhood

You’ve been preparing for the idea for 9 months and the time to meet the baby has finally come. You’re a mom now, congratulations! And now?
While becoming a mom is one of the most beautiful experiences of a lifetime, we don’t want to lie to you: motherhood isn’t all pink and white. It is a long journey that sometimes tests you more than you would have thought; obviously there will be many moments that will repay you for all the effort, but you would never have imagined that such a small being would occupy you body and mind!
Furthermore, each of us has a concept of being a mother that is completely different from that of the others . There is no single definition and a woman can feel like a mother even several months after giving birth .

The first few months as a puerpuera are certainly the toughest , but with some good practice and carefree advice you will succeed!

We wanted to collect some experiences and bring them to you in a simple way. A baby changes your life , since you have just the idea (see all the prevention to do before conceiving it), and it will be with you forever, so no one judges you when you need some extra advice to overcome the critical situation.

What can change when you become a mother

  • Continuous judgments . One of the things that many women have found is that in the early days of a new mother the unsolicited advice on managing the baby falls as if it were raining. You will have already noticed this by the pregnancy, but after the arrival of the baby it will be even worse. Ignore them . There are few times when these digs from friends and family really work; rather prefer a comparison with other new mothers , perhaps by creating a Whatsapp group with the girls of the preparatory course.
  • Mutual balance of couples. Almost inevitably the birth of your child will change the pace and habits that have been created with your partner , but the good news is that becoming parents together makes you stronger than before, as a team! A real family .
  • Time for yourself at an all-time low . Your schedules and routine will undergo a radical change to adapt to the needs of the little one. Especially if you choose to breastfeed, you may feel very frustrated (also due to the pregnancy hormones still in circulation) for the short time for you. Quiet, it is a condition that is resolved by asking for support from grandparents or support figures, and above all it will evolve with the growth of the child.
  • Different body . Your body needs time to recover from childbirth and from the extra pounds of the months of gestation. And if you get back into physical shape, do not take it if some clothes no longer fit as they once were … See it as an excellent excuse to renew your wardrobe and to dedicate yourself to targeted post-partum gymnastics .
  • More energy and more courage than I imagined. Nobody prepares you enough for the challenges of motherhood and you certainly could not imagine such a supply of energy : amazing, you sleep 3 hours a night and still stand! Furthermore, having the little one next to you gives you a strength and courage that you have never felt before.
  • Fluctuating emotions , you will happen to cry for nothing and you will want to go back, but we can assure you that love breaks out sooner or later and you will wonder how you did before you met your child.

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