What water should you bathe your newborn baby in?

When a child is born in a family, young parents may face many difficulties, among which the question of what water to bathe a newborn child in is far from the last.

Before moving on to the bathing process, you need to decide on the container in which you will wash your newborn baby. The bathtub can be large, roomy, or a special nursery, which does not require a lot of water.

Almost all parents are wondering whether it is necessary to boil water for bathing a newborn? In my opinion, the bathing water can be ordinary. If there is a water filter in the apartment, you don’t have to worry about the newborn at all. Boiling won’t soften the water, as some mums and dads believe.

Water is supplied to the taps of the apartments in a purified and filtered form, so there is no need to be afraid that your newborn baby will become infected with any kind of skin infection.

However, there is another side of the coin in this issue, when boiling water for bathing a newborn baby is necessary. If the water coming from your pipeline has an unpleasant smell or a suspicious color, then it needs to be boiled.

In this case, boiling will be the only correct disinfectant.

Do I need to use potassium permanganate for bathing newborns?

This product is often used to disinfect bathing water, as well as to prevent dermatological diseases in a newborn baby. But what can be used with benefit by adults is not always safe for babies, because their skin is still very delicate and sensitive.

If the water cannot be boiled, but disinfection is required, here’s how to dilute potassium permanganate for bathing a newborn :

  • Take a small bowl (preferably white or neutral) and pour several cups of water into it (two will be enough);
  • Add manganese powder to a bowl of water gradually and little by little;
  • Dip your palm into a bowl and observe the color of the water. Your hand should be visible through the water stained with potassium permanganate. The mixture should have a light pink tint.

You do not need to add potassium permanganate to the water every time a newborn is bathed. It dries out the skin and can lead to damage or infection. It is better to find useful substitutes for this substance that can disinfect the bathing water of a newborn.

In order to improve and strengthen children’s immunity and health, you can add decoctions of various medicinal herbs to the bathing water:

  1. chamomile flowers
  2. oak bark;
  3. herbs of a series of three-part

But even with these funds, you need to be extremely careful not to overdo it and not cause allergic reactions.

What plants are best used for bathing a newborn, and how are they useful?

  • A decoction of a series relieves irritation from the skin of a newborn, helps to get rid of sweats and pimples:
  • Chamomile, added to water, perfectly soothes and positively affects the digestion of the crumbs; 
  • When bathing in a decoction of oak bark, blood circulation improves;
  • Water with Valerian officinalis has a hypnotic and sedative effect, relieves a child’s headache;
  • Celandine, added to bathing water, heals microscopic wounds, relieves a newborn from itching and allergic reactions.

Make sure the decoctions are weak. Otherwise, the effect of bathing will be exactly the opposite.

We create favorable conditions for the baby

An important question is what should be the water for bathing a newborn? First of all, this concerns its temperature. To accurately measure it, you will need a special thermometer, fortunately, there is no shortage of them now. Various baby thermometers for measuring water temperature are sold:

  1. in the form of animals;
  2. fruit;
  3. geometric shapes and others.

Do not heat too much the room where you are going to wash the newborn. It is harmful for a child to be in a room where there is a heat, this can adversely affect the functioning of the lungs and heart. 

The water temperature should always be no higher than 37 degrees. If you overheat the water, you can burn the baby. This will lead to the fact that in the future he will be afraid of water in panic and will no longer want to swim.

In the first days of a newborn’s life, it is better to rinse it with clean water, or add some herbal decoctions to the bathing water.

Of course, you will be interested in the question, is it possible to wash a newborn with soap? It all depends on what kind of cosmetic product you are going to use for this purpose.

Today, children’s stores provide a wide selection of soaps made from natural ingredients and without chemical additives. They contain practically no chemicals, only natural substances that can soothe the skin of a newborn, relieve irritation and allergic reactions.

Baby soap is allowed to be used for bathing just a few days after you and your baby are at home. Choose a product that is odorless, because your main task is to keep the skin of the newborn clean and prevent the development of dermatological infections.

Washing a child with soap is no more than 1 time per week. In all other bathing, it is enough just to wash the baby with warm water.

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