Nutritious bananas during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may have become more worried about the right diet. Are you wondering “will this product harm me and my future baby?”

For example: a banana during pregnancy. After all, it is considered an overseas fruit, and we have always been told that during pregnancy you can only eat fruits grown in our climatic zone! And if during pregnancy it is a banana you want, do you really have to give it up, in favor of other fruits?

On the one hand, our body really accepts food from our native land more easily, but on the other hand: bananas have long been familiar to our body.

What’s good about a banana?

Why are bananas useful during pregnancy, what micro- and macroelements, as well as vitamins do they contain? This fruit contains such valuable substances:

  • Vitamin B6. This is the valuable vitamin that supports and directly affects the formation of the baby’s circulatory system while still in the womb. Also, it is he who relieves the symptom of toxicosis during pregnancy (for more information on how to cope with toxicosis,
  • Vitamin B9. Known as folic acid. It is this vitamin that is often prescribed already in the early stages. This is because folic acid helps shape the nervous system of the fetus and also supports mom’s health. If you are deficient in this acid, you need to eat more greens, as well as bananas;

Vitamin C. A well-known vitamin that protects the body during pregnancy from the effects of harmful bacteria and viruses. It also heals the gums, preventing bleeding, strengthens the venous walls and prevents the appearance of stretch marks on delicate skin.

  • … Potassium trace element. Helps a woman who is in the  normalize high blood pressure, relieves the symptoms of seizures, removes puffiness (by removing excess water from the body), and also provides continuous support for the work of the heart system;
  • Trace element magnesium. It participates in almost all possible processes of the body, and its deficiency can lead to serious consequences during pregnancy, for example, miscarriage;
  • Trace element manganese. Manganese is responsible for the proper functioning of the entire muscular system, the activity of the brain, contributes to the maintenance of the mother’s skeletal system and the formation of a healthy skeleton of the fetus. With a deficiency of this microelement during pregnancy, a woman may feel weakness, forgetfulness, rapid fatigue of the whole body;
  • Trace element zinc. Participates in the formation of baby’s taste receptors. This unique substance is found in bones, muscles, blood cells, retina, kidneys, liver. Zinc works as an elixir of youth, prolonging human life;
  • Iron trace element. Although the sweet fruit does not contain a very large amount of this trace element, with a combination of iron and other valuable substances that a banana contains, it is fully absorbed by the pregnant woman’s body. And the trace element iron supports hemoglobin.

Bananas during pregnancy can be beneficial or even harmful. Therefore, it is so important to know all the secrets of this fruit.

This is why bananas in late pregnancy can be of great benefit to your body.

Is there any harm from bananas

Almost every fruit, in addition to being useful, can harm the human body.

For example, banana not only cure hearattack, but can provoke its appearance. And if you have heartburn from a banana during pregnancy, then you are not eating it correctly. After all, bananas cannot be eaten on an empty stomach and quickly. Bananas should be eaten for dessert.

You should not eat this very high-calorie fruit at once in large quantities. Otherwise, you can gain weight pretty quickly!

Bananas during pregnancy can also be harmful if:

  1. Consume them with milk. This causes metabolic disorders. Since such a cocktail has an even higher calorie content than a regular banana, and frequent use can add many new kilograms to the female body;
  2. Eat unripe fruits during pregnancy. Then there may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract, such as heaviness and bloating
  3. There are problems with blood clotting, or thrombophlebitis. Banana is able to increase the density of blood in the arteries and veins, and this is very dangerous in the presence of these diseases;

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