Potato during pregnancy

Being pregnant, you make every effort so that your baby can grow healthy, getting all the necessary trace elements and vitamins. By reading information about food products, you draw conclusions by removing from your diet what can harm you or your baby. But there are some products that can be used not only in nutrition, but also in the treatment of various diseases.

For example, potatoes during pregnancy can help treat colds, as well as relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is incorrect to believe that potatoes during pregnancy will bring nothing but excess weight, as this can be expected only if there is an old potato and in large quantities. Young potatoes contain not only starch, but also a large amount of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Potato Benefits

Young potato contains:

  • Vitamin C, it is valued for its protective properties against various types of viruses;
  • Vitamins of group B, participating in almost all body processes;
  • Biotin, is involved in the synthesis of fats;
  • Nicotinic acid, it helps to strengthen the placenta during pregnancy and helps to heal wounds on the body;
  • Folic acid, which is responsible for the proper formation of the entire central nervous system of the fetus;
  • A trace element of potassium is an assistant for my mother’s heart during pregnancy, and he also participates in the regulation of water balance;
  • Trace elements of phosphorus and calcium, which take part in the formation of the musculoskeletal system in the baby;


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Is there any harm from potatoes

Despite the uniqueness of potatoes, it can still harm a woman during pregnancy.

fried potatoes during pregnancy, as well as stewed, will be harmful to a woman who has a tendency to quickly gain weight;
Potato during pregnancy is worth eating for breakfast or lunch. Having dinner with potatoes before going to bed, you can get unpleasant consequences – fermentation, heaviness. Also, do not cook potatoes with the addition of fatty meat, this will provoke problems in the digestive tract;
When peeling potatoes, remove all the skin and green areas. During pregnancy, it is also worth abandoning the old potato, which began to germinate, as there is a likelihood of poisoning;
In the presence of diabetes, potatoes are strictly prohibited during pregnancy.

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