Is honey dangerous for pregnant women?

Honey during pregnancy is one of the most useful food products, since the variety of useful substances contained in it is truly surprising.

However, often expectant mothers are afraid to eat honey, since it is believed that it is a strong allergen and can contribute to the appearance of diathesis in a newborn baby.

Beneficial features

In pregnancy, as never before, healthy nutrition in the first trimester comes to the fore , and preferably from the first weeks of pregnancy. After all, the way the expectant mother eats will affect the full development and formation of the child.

At the same time, due to hormonal changes, the mother’s body experiences increased stress and the woman often feels fatigue, drowsiness, and apathy.

Mom’s physical reserves are also consumed quite quickly, and by the end of pregnancy, many women experience anemia, hemoglobin decreases, and vitamin reserves decrease.

Honey in such a situation becomes an excellent source, fuel. Its composition includes so many substances valuable to the body that researchers still cannot describe all its beneficial properties.

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So it contains more than 50 useful substances:

  • Vitamin E

  • vitamin C;

  • vitamin H;

  • a nicotinic acid;

  • various enzymes.

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In what situations can honey be used:

1 Decreased hemoglobin, anemia.

Honey is a wonderful source of easily digestible iron, which helps to restore the optimal level of hemoglobin in the blood during pregnancy. For these purposes, it is better to buy dark varieties of honey and only from trusted beekeepers so that it is not diluted with sugar.

2Normalization of health.

During pregnancy, the hormonal background of a woman becomes very mobile, which manifests itself in the form of irritability, tearfulness and frequent changes in mood. Honey perfectly helps to cope with emotional instability.

3Normalizes metabolism.

Due to the fact that the composition of honey includes amino acids, it perfectly contributes to the growth, construction of new tissues and cells of the body. Therefore, we can say that honey contributes to the good and full development of the baby.

4Prevention of colds.

It is no secret that a pregnant woman, like no one else, is prone to colds, flu. Honey in combination with lemon during pregnancy becomes an excellent, natural and safe tool for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in early pregnancy.

You can use honey during pregnancy, but the norms of daily intake are 50-100 grams. This restriction is quite true, because, no matter how you say it, and he is a fairly strong allergen.

But, given all its beneficial properties, it is not necessary to completely exclude it from your diet during pregnancy. Just as in any business, you need to competently approach its use.

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