Pros and cons of when you stop having sex


There are people who, in some moments of their life, by choice, because forced by the lack of a partner, or because of problems within the couple , go through phases of sexual abstinence. Some are completely asexual , others, however, do not deprive themselves of pleasure and resort to masturbation .
Although it is known that making love has numerous advantages , both physically and psychologically, there are also disadvantages (few).
In our article we want to analyze the few pros and cons of when you stop having sex, then you will evaluate what is best to do!

6 Unfavorable aspects of sexual abstinence

1.The immune system is more vulnerable
A healthy and constant sexual activity, as long as you defend yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, increase your immune defenses therefore you get less sick and you are less exposed to flu and colds.
2.You are more stressed
. Science confirms it, one of the cons when you stop having sex, is the increase in stress and anxiety; making love is a bit like playing sports, download and relax!
3.More prone to cardiovascular disorders
Sexual abstinence also negatively affects the health of the cardiovascular system because having intercourse is comparable to a gym session; therefore if you are going through a phase of life without sex, at least dedicate yourself to activities such as running or cycling so you will keep your coronaries healthy!
4.More predisposed to erection problems
Men who do not have sex for a long time and do not even practice masturbation, as well as being able to run into serious prostate problems, can develop erectile problems over time .
5.Poor lubrication
Women may have less lubrication and at the beginning of sexual activity they will most likely need to use intimate gels .
6.Decreases libido
The saying “less you do less you would do” also applies to sex: over time our body and our mind lose sexual interest if this is not stimulated and there is a sharp drop in libido.


3 Favorable aspects of sexual abstinence

  1. Avoiding Sexual Diseases
    Surely the first pro of when you stop having sex is that you are sure not to contract venereal diseases.
  2. You are less prone to urinary disorders
    When you no longer make love, especially women, you are much less exposed to cystitis and other urinary tract disorders, because sexual intercourse is one of the causes.
  3. Pregnancy is avoided
    The absolute safest method of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy is sexual abstention!

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