Acute cough: what is it?

We all know the unpleasant state when, at the beginning of the disease, the timid “khe-khe” quickly and inexorably grows into the frequent “U-KHU-KHU-KHU”, unsuccessful attempts to cough and a tickling sensation of a lump deep in the throat … This is an acute cough – An annoying companion of viral infections affecting the upper and lower respiratory tract.

It is called acute because it occurs abruptly (usually against the background of an acute viral infection), develops quickly enough, and can seriously affect overall well-being, the quality of night sleep, and even the psychological state. Especially such a cough annoys children: it can be difficult for them to endure coughing attacks themselves and to cope with the lack of sleep accumulated due to coughing and a knocked down regime.

It is important to understand that by nature an acute cough can be dry, unproductive, superficial or deep at first, later the cough becomes wet, productive … However, no type of cough can be ignored, because it is a sign of an inflammatory process in the respiratory tract and therefore often requires separate treatment.

Do not blindly believe a fairly common opinion that “with ARVI, a cough, like a runny nose, will pass by itself!” It is better to consult a specialist right away (in most cases  paracetamol is enough and Calpol  ) and clearly follow his recommendations.

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