Child and lives change as do habits

We find ourselves dealing with the classic diseases of childhood and the problems related to the phases of growth, we study books to understand how to make children sleep and how to manage problems related to breastfeeding, sleep and crying, we rediscover the child part of ourselves inventing games to play together and become construction and video game experts. Change the way we spend our free time and go shopping. Life with a child is a new, exciting discovery even for us parents, who thought we knew everything and instead start over again.

Feeding time
When we wait for a child we have many certainties and at the same time many fears regarding breastfeeding. We are sure that we will breastfeed our baby as long as we can, but often these securities come up against the difficulties of the first few weeks, the milky whipping that does not arrive and the many questions that we are often caught unprepared. Remember that if you can’t or won’t breastfeed there’s nothing wrong with you : it will grow healthy and strong like the others. What makes the bond between the mother and her child unique is love, dedication and the joy that binds them.

Crying and sleep
Before we were looking online for information on how to get pregnant and now that the baby is born we frantically look for useful tips to interpret the reasons for her crying and to get him used to sleeping at night . Remember that:

crying is the main form of communication of the newborn , often crying because it needs basic needs to be met; do not be disheartened because with a little time and practice you will learn to understand the reasons why he cries and calm him, trust your instinct as a mother who rarely makes mistakes;

not all children sleep with the same rhythms , someone sleeps all night after only a few months, someone else for the first few years will wake up and have a disturbed sleep; it is important to guarantee the child a quiet environment that stimulates sleep and create an evening routine that is always repeated in the same way and that accompanies the child towards the bed.


Time passes quickly and no one knows more than a mother how true this sentence is. One moment your son is a chubby newborn who gratifies us with smiles and small, great achievements and a moment later we are accompanying him on his first day of elementary school. The growth of children goes through a thousand phases, and in all of us we are parents, mum and dad, who grow together with our little ones, retracing the first loves, the tasks, the pains of growth, and weaning to the holidays alone and sports to choose from to cultivate talents and inclinations and become self-confident adults.

Since they start going to the nursery, the children bring home viruses and diseases that we thought we shouldn’t see anymore: from the flu viruses that are inevitable every year – colds, pharyngitis, fever, otitis and gastrointestinal disorders), to exanthematous diseases (but who imagined that there was a disease called hands, feet, mouth, besides measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever and diseases called simply fourth, fifth and sixth?). Medicines and natural remedies come to the aid of us mothers who rediscover ourselves as ideal and careful nurses and doctors for our children, but be careful to always seek the advice of the pediatrician to deal with the first diseases in the newborn .

One of the best things about having children is rediscovering our most childlike part. Many mothers do not like to play with their children, they end up bored, but in reality what really matters is not to engage in feigning enthusiasm in the construction of a complex track of little cars, as much as the presence, being next to them, even just for observe them and discover their achievements, because through play children grow up, learn and show the incredible progress they make every day .

Free time
At one time we spent our vacation days between aperitifs and walks in the city center, but when the children arrive immediately and magically we rediscover the fun of going to the amusement park, planning children’s holidays, choosing baby-friendly hotels where we can rest and at the same time offer services designed specifically for our children, in marking on the agenda that event that will be held in the city and to which we absolutely want to bring children.

All women who have become mothers know full well that to say ” I go shopping ” inevitably turns into a mad rush to buy t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and pajamas for children. We return loads of envelopes that would portend a productive walk for our wardrobe and instead reveal their true nature by overflowing with Paw Patrol prints or Frozen princesses and a single, miserable t-shirt bought for us. Yet if there is one of the things that mothers love to do the most is shopping for children, and the most trend-addicted consult catalogs and fashion collections of the last season to go in search of designer and fashionable clothes.

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