10 rules on how to quickly teach a child to say the word “mom”

It doesn’t matter if you become a mother for the first time or the fifth, each new achievement of the baby becomes your personal little miracle. Parenting is a hard day-to-day job that results in another important skill that you can learn entirely with your help. One of the most fundamental questions is how to teach a child to say “mom”. How can you help your baby to pronounce the cherished word as quickly as possible, and most importantly, correctly?

Regular simple exercise

There are many different exercises designed to get your child to speak well. Here are just a few of them:

  1. sing along to any ma-ma-ma melodies;
  2. connect the lips of the toddler with your hand, and then hum with him – mmmmmm;
  3. make cards for all family members and mothers, including where there is a word on one side and a photograph on the other.

If you repeat them regularly, the child will soon say the desired word. And in order for the child to start speaking even faster, several rules of daily communication should be taken into account;

  • Rule # 1. Do not hurry;

Patience and patience again. This is what you need first of all in order to teach your baby to speak. Remember the golden rule that all children are different. 

The fact that your child does not do something that the neighbor’s child successfully repeats is not at all a cause for alarm. This also fully applies to the issue of speech development. Therefore, the most important thing is no panic and fuss, the child will start saying the word “mom” when he is ready for it.

Important! According to statistics, only 40% of children say the word “mother” first, much more often the speech begins with “give”.

Therefore, you should not be nervous and even more angry if the first word that your child uttered is not what you expected.

  • Rule # 2. Create a passive vocabulary;

A common mistake is that many people think that if children do not start talking, they do not understand anything. Believe me, this is not at all the case. Children are very good at remembering everything that happens around them, including words. That is why you should clearly articulate each of your actions, in a normal parental tone, without lisping.

If all family members vocalize every movement of the toddler, saying “Katya is eating”, “Katya is walking,” “Katya is sitting,” etc., this will help in the formation of a passive children’s vocabulary. Words that have been repeated from day to day, in due time, will effectively go into the active vocabulary, which will mean that your child has begun to speak.

  • Rule # 3. Call things by their proper names;

In the question of how to teach a child to speak to mom and dad, the parental tone with which they communicate with him is of great importance. If you call the surrounding objects with diminutive words, the child in the future will experience unnecessary difficulties in rebuilding his speech. Therefore, immediately save yourself and your child from unnecessary problems, get used to talking to him the way you usually communicate with adults.

  • Rule # 4. Knowledge of the world through positive emotions;

When wondering how to teach a child to say the word “mother”, remember that the development of children’s speech is closely related to the development of fine motor skills. Offer him objects of all shapes and materials. And the fact that his mother is playing with him is another reason for getting positive emotions.

Such a joint pastime will perfectly help both in the development of fine motor skills and in general knowledge of the world, which will also help the little guy start talking as soon as possible.

  • Rule # 5. Sing songs to your baby;

Mom is the closest person, and her voice for children is the dearest. Therefore, helping the baby to start talking, it is very important not only to talk to him, but also to sing. These do not have to be lullabies, the main thing is that the melody is calm. The child will quickly get used to this additional way of communication, and the mother will soon see a positive effect.

  • Rule # 6. Repeat simple words every day;

It is only natural for a child to start speaking with the simplest words. It makes no sense to say long phrases, and then wait for him to repeat them. And if every day you repeat to him short words, consisting of 1-2 syllables, the child will soon begin to repeat them successfully. The main thing is to do this as often as possible, remembering to be patient.

  • Rule # 7. Repeat after the baby;

Mom is not only the main assistant, but also the best friend. And in friendship, equality is very important. Therefore, it would be unfair if only you speak, and the child should only repeat. So don’t be lazy and don’t hesitate to repeat the sounds your little one makes.

Indeed, in addition to the occasion for additional positive emotions, this is also an opportunity to help in the development of the speech apparatus. If a child says “well, well,” and an adult, repeating after him, imperceptibly changes one sound and says “no,” this will be a full-fledged speech therapy exercise. After all, you just helped your child pronounce a new syllable!

  • Rule # 8. More games!

Do you want your child to start talking as soon as possible? Moreover, do you strive to hear the cherished “mom”? But the kid wants to play. He wants to play today, and even yesterday and even tomorrow. So help each other! The child will laugh happily if you just hide your face in your palms and ask: “Where is mom?”

It is not difficult at all, but a surge of positive emotions is guaranteed. If you start repeating this simple question day after day, he will very soon begin to answer the much desired “mom” in response to your question.

  • Rule # 9. Talk about yourself in the third person;

It will be very useful if you create an associative row for the baby. To do this, talk about yourself as often as possible, for example, “Mom wants you to kiss her. Or ask, putting your favorite toy behind your back:  Where did mom hide her?” Finding her will be another reason for joy. You can also say, entering the room: “And now mom has come!” Such simple exercises will help him to start thinking of you as a mother, and then he is not far from the cherished word.

  • Rule # 10. Praise your baby as often as possible.

Even adults do not like it when their work is not appreciated, let alone a small child. Rejoice at every new achievement, even the smallest, and the child will gladly strive for the next. At the same time, feel free to express your emotions, praise him sincerely, and even better, clap his palms. This will perfectly help your miracle to speak as soon as possible .

These tips will help teach your child how to pronounce the word mom. At the same time, remember, it is very important not to dwell on this and not require the child to say the right word right away. You don’t like being forced to do something, do you? So the child does not like this. Just be with him, love your little one, support him and very soon he will delight you with his first words.

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